Made from polyolefin plastics, our sheets can be safely used for foods and medical purposes. Using complexation, multi-layering, and crystal control technologies, we deliver multi-functional sheets that have transparency, barrier performance, and heat resistance.


Taking advantage of a co-extrusion technique involving inflation and casting in conjunction with the double-bubble tubular method, we deliver a wide range of films from polyolefin composite/multi-layer films to biaxially-oriented nylon films. In addition to material diversity, Idemitsu Unitech’s rich film lineup also features diverse functionality, including a variety of pure films for automatic packaging and the base and sealant materials for laminated films.

Zipper profiles

Using profile extrusion and co-extrusion, we deliver a wide range of zipper products from general-purpose zippers to special or multi-layer zippers. We also provide special film adhesive tapes for linearly opening packets.

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