Company Profile

Management Philosophy
Idemitsu Unitech aims to be an enterprise that continues to provide inspiration through co-creation of value in people, technology, and materials.

Idemitsu Unitech Co., Ltd. was formed as a new company on April 1, 2000 following the integration of the plastic products business department and Uni Kako Co., Ltd., which was the production department of packing materials.As a result, we successfully integrated the research, production and distribution departments to form a group of plastic processed product specialists. We now commit to our business and our marketing attitude with the motto, "Quickly respond to our customers' needs for economical efficiency, environment friendliness and convenience by looking from our customers' point of view."We, as a company specializing in collaborative value creation, will contribute to society by creating new additional values on the basis of furthering our technical capabilities, mobility and strong partnerships with our customers.

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