Easy-opening UNICUT

This is special cut tape which enables linear opening simply by attaching to a bag.

Product Features

What is UNICUT tape?

5 mm-width plastic tape with a special base material film which is processed to be adhesive.

How to use UNICUT tape?

When you want to open a bag linearly, attach UNICUT to the both sides of the opening section.

What makes it possible to cut linearly?

The orientation effect of the special base material film used in UNICUT causes the bag's base material to be led by UNICUT (a notch to start opening is required on the center portion of tape width).

Which base materials and bag forms are applicable?

Various laminating base materials are applicable. Ease of opening varies depending on the configuration and thickness of the laminating base material. Please check in advance. In addition, flat bags and self-standing bags are also applicable. Furthermore, linear opening parallel to the zipper is feasible if the bag product has a zipper.

What applications are possible?

Suitable for general food packaging including: sweet, prepared food and source packaging, as well as food packaging for business use. Industrial applications such as machine components, electronic components and refillable cleansers (thermal and retort application need to be tested before use). Since this requires the simple attachment of UNICUT onto existing bags, the strength of the bags will not deteriorate.

How to process UNICUT?

Can be attached by the simple installation of a specialized jig onto your bag making machine.

How to install the specialized jig?

If required, we can arrange any necessary building and installation work. Several bag making machine manufacturers can also arrange the work.

Opening mechanism of UNICUT tape

Diagram of four-sided sealing for a flat bag
  1. We recommend using our PLALOC as zipper tape.

Application Examples

Application Examples

Linear-cut properties for various packaging?

  • Combined use with zipper bag
  • Various food packaging
  • Various daily necessaries packaging
  • Refillable cleanser packaging
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