Zipper profiles PLALOC™ that supports a leading brand name of extreme quality.

PLALOC™ is a zipper tape with excellent economic efficiency, functionality, and rationality that meet the needs of today. It allows you to easily reseal the package after each use. You can efficiently use the contents after initial opening without any content's waste.

Product Features (For Customers in Japan)

General zipper profiles (For Polyethylene film)

LDPE/L-LDPE-based zipper tape corresponding to packaging with polyethylene film.
In particular, PE Multi-Layer zipper contribute to faster processing by improving the sealing performance and to the improvement of the beauty of the sealing parts.
■ Less wrinkle due to low temperature sealability

General zipper profiles (For Polyethylene/polypropylene film)

Zipper tape for both polyethylene and polypropylene film with special sealing layer.
■ Super low temp. sealability
■ Anti wrinkle by melting gap(Sealant & Main layer)
■ High rigidity (Hard to deform, Good snap)
■ Sealable for both sealant

POCKETZIP™, front panel zipper with pull tab

Idemitsu Unitech patented technology, Front panel zipper POCKETZIP™.
POCKETZIP™ is even when opening the pouch, excellent in pouch design because the upper part of the bag remains.
New shaped pouch with one-side structure and a pocket open. Almost no load is added to a zipper part ensures that Applicable to heavy, powder products.
■ Easy Open, Tab pulled off over zipper, No need to use scissors
■ Easy top filling behind the zipper

Linear Tear Zipper

■ Linear tear due to design of zipper (Idemitsu Unitech patented technology)
■ Does not rely on film properties
■ No need for laser perforation. No damage to the film; No leakage

Eco-friendly zipper profiles

Plastic packaging is an essential for "reduction of food loss". On the other hand, as the problem of marine plastic waste is raised, Idemitsu Unitech has positioned the reduction of environmental impact as one of the most important issues for packaging material manufacturers and is actively working on it.
PLALOC™Eco-friendly zipper has “recyclable", "biomass", and "biodegradability"

High-performance zipper profiles

As a leading manufacturer of zipper profiles, Idemitsu is constantly working to improve the convenience and functionality of zipper packaging by carefully reflecting customer needs in the development of new products.(Developing next-generation packages with customers)

Application examples

  • ・Food packaging
  • ・Poultice packaging
  • ・Pet food packaging
  • ・Clothing packaging
  • ・Cosmetic packaging
  • ・Miscellaneous product packaging
  • ・Compression bag with zipper, etc.
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