Basic Policy and Core Challenges

IUT’s Basic ESG Policy

Idemitsu Unitech has been engaged in sustainability efforts based on the Basic ESG Policy established under our Management Philosophy and Vision 2026.

Management Philosophy

Idemitsu Unitech aims to be an enterprise that continues to provide inspiration through co-creation of value in people, technology, and materials.

Sustainability Policy

We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through co-creation with all stakeholders based on our basic philosophy of "co-creation of value in people, technologies, and materials"

Medium-Term Management Plan Policy

We will build a solid management foundation capable of sustainable growth by flexibly and robustly adapting to "The New Normal Society" and "The Sustainable Society"

IUT’s Core ESG Challenges

Perspective Core challenge Direction of action
E Reduction of environmental impact of corporate activities Continuously step up our current efforts of energy and resource savings
Development of sustainability products Provide new options in demand by customers to combat emerging social problems such as plastic pollution
Improvement of employees’ motivation and satisfaction Aim to be a company where each and every employee can work and perform at their full potential
G Improvement of internal control Under the spirit of compliance, continuously improve the internal control system to ensure fair corporate activities
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