Website Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information, etc., we handle customers’ personal information on this website as described below.
If you have provided your personal information to us, you will be regarded as having agreed to the following privacy policy.

1. Collection and Use of Information

We collect and use personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) for the following purposes:
・Responses to inquiries and requests from customers
・Responses to orders and applications from customers
・Execution of our duties under agreements with customers
・Settlement and prevention of problems concerning products and services provided to customers
・Development of products and services that meet customer needs

2. Protection of Personal Information

We manage personal information in this website.

3. Collection and Use of Information

In order to protect the privacy of customers who have visited this website, we take necessary measures within a reasonable scope. Depending on the services it offers, this website may ask you to provide highly confidential information. In that case, we strive to protect said information through means such as encryption thereof.

4. Use of Customers’ Personal Information Provided to Other Websites

In cases where you access third-party websites via this website, we are not responsible for any privacy policies or bylaws of other websites.

5. Cookies and Web Beacons

This website uses cookies and web beacons*1 to improve the effectiveness of the website functions, measure performance, provide social media functions, and display highly relevant content. The use thereof does not infringe your privacy or damage your computer environment.

*1 A web beacon is a small transparent graphic image (1x1 pixel GIF) that is placed on a website or in a HTML type e-mail to monitor the behavior of users who visit the website or read the e-mail. It’s used to take note of what you are doing while you visit the website or if you have opened or previewed an email.

6. Access History (Log)

We store the website user access history (log) on a server, with the aim of utilizing it to improve the website or in cases where technical problems arise.
Information to be stored includes source IP address, browser type, originating URL, etc. This set of information does not enable us to identify specific individual users.

7. Encrypted Communication

This website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol)*2 encrypted communication to protect the confidentiality of information you provide to us when filling in an inquiry form, etc.

*2 SSL is the technology used to establish an encrypted link between a browser and the web server. By encrypting customers' personal information, SSL allows it to be transmitted more securely. You need to use a browser with SSL capability to establish SSL communication.

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