Characteristics of Businesses

Creation Forward-looking Theme

❶Non-halogen flame-retardant grade ❷Soft flame-retardant grade ❸Automobile masterbatch ❹High-function grade ❺Ecology grade

Technology The highest development capability in the industry

■Accumulation of technologies for over 40 years as a specialized composite materials manufacturer. Development of grades according to needs in a short period of time.

■We provide adequate guidance for injection molding and guidance for mold manufacturing and have injection molding technicians (Special, Class 1, and Class 2).

■State-of-the-art technology of flame-retardant PP grade (Example: Light-resistant and flame-retardant).

■The research engineering capabilities of Idemitsu Kosan ? Basic polyolefin technologies, Molding and flow analysis ? can be utilized.

Production Stable production capability at home and abroad

■We provide products of the same quality both at home and abroad with a production system that is in close contact with the consuming region (entrusted production).

■We will accept the limited production of diversified products (from 300 to 500 kg/lot). We manufacture 1,500 or more grade colors a year.

■The quality is guaranteed by IDEMITSU FINE COMPOSITES CO.,LTD. Our major production entrusted companies acquired ISO 9001 certification.

Trust Business Structure of Security and Trust

■The trust from the customers (trading companies, molders, and end users) and other related parties (entrusted production companies, etc.).

■Most of the products are of the grades for customers. The company structure is to develop, manufacture, and distribute the products.

■We have acquired ISO certificates related to the environment and quality. We will aim for further enhanced customer satisfaction.

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