Handling of Personal Information

In accordance with the Policy on Protection and Use of Personal Information, we handle customers’ personal information on this website as described below.

1. Use and Purpose of Personal Information

Information we collect is required for offering our services. The information mainly includes customer’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, pictures or images taken. We may ask other questions to provide services, etc., that are suitable for customers’ needs; however, apart from the necessary minimum of items, customers can choose whether or not to provide information. We do not alter information we collected without customers’ consent.

2. Structure of Responsibility for Protecting Personal Information

We appoint a person responsible for personal information protection in each organization that handles personal information to perform the appropriate management.

3. Management of Personal Information

Apart from having prior consent from customers or any other justifiable reason, we do not provide or disclose our customers’ personal information to third parties. However, in the following cases, we may disclose customers’ personal information without customers’ consent: in the case of emergency to protect a life or human rights, or in the case of obeying an instruction or order in accordance with laws and regulations, such as a request made by a court, the police, or other public institutions.

4. Protection of Personal Information

In order to protect the privacy of customers who have visited this website, we take necessary measures within a reasonable scope. Depending on the services it offers, this website may ask you to provide highly confidential information. In that case, we strive to protect said information through means such as encryption thereof.

5. Guarantee and Limit of Liability

It is assumed that customers use this website under their own responsibility. We do not bear any responsibility for any damage caused by using this website or various information obtained from other websites linked from this website.

6. Governing Law

This website can be accessed from countries all over the world where different laws obtain; however, it is assumed that we and customers who access this website agree that Japanese laws apply regarding use of this website.

7. Sound and Video Recording

We may record the content of telephone communication to correctly understand and respond to customers’ opinions and requests. We may also record images in accordance with laws and regulations or for crime prevention and safety management. Personal information recorded in either format will be immediately deleted when no longer required.

8. Cookies

・Some contents of this website use cookies for customers to browse this website more easily when they visit it again.

・The use of cookies does not infringe your privacy or damage your computer environment.

・Customers can disable cookies by adjusting browser settings; however, in such a case, some restrictions may be imposed when using this website. This website never reads cookies stored by other websites or other data saved in your hard disk.

9. Access History (Log)

・We store the website user access history (log) on a server, with the aim of utilizing it to improve the website or in cases where technical problems arise.

・Information to be stored includes source IP address, browser type, originating URL, etc. This information does not enable us to identify specific individual users.

10. Sound and Video Recording

This website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) encrypted communication to protect the confidentiality of information you provide to us when filling in an inquiry form, etc.
SSL is a technology used to establish an encrypted link between a browser and the web server. By encrypting customers' personal information, SSL allows it to be transmitted more securely. You need to use a browser with SSL capability to establish SSL communication.

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