Message from the President

As a pioneering company of large oil tanker operation, we strive to contribute to stable transportation of energy and protection of the global environment through safe and efficient operation.

Based on our corporate principle "From producers to consumers", and as one of the oldest tanker operators in the world, we have continuously endeavored to introduce innovative technologies and cultivate highly skilled, proficient crewmembers in tanker operations, giving particular emphasis to safe and efficient transportation.
Our corporate history itself represents the history of the jumbosizing of the oil tanker.
As seen in the examples of "the Nissho Maru" (130,000 DWT constructed in 1962), the largest tanker at the time and "the Idemitsu Maru", the first VLCC over 200,000 DWT (constructed in 1966), we have led the shipping industry as a pioneer in construction and operation of VLCC.
We intend to focus on safe and efficient transportation, and protection of the global environment making the best of our expertise in management and service as a longstanding first-class tanker operator in the world.

Ichiro Matsuo, President

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