Highly transparent polypropylene (PP) sheet without nucleating agents

PURETHEMO is highly transparent and easily thermo-formable PP sheet produced by a unique processing process and material design. PURETHEMO is widely used for food packages, lids and medical packages.

2011 James L. White Innovation AWARD

Product Features

Transparency and gloss

A newly developed technology to control PP crystallization has made it possible to produce clear, transparent PP sheet.
Generally, PP develops large crystal structures . If the spherulite has a comparable size of visible light wave length (ca.400-800nm), visible light cannot go straight through the PP sheet. PURETHERMO has no such spherulite structures.


Transparent sheet with nucleating agent has high melting temperature so that precise temperature control is necessary in thermoforming process. PURETHERMO softens in lower temperature than such general PP sheet. It means broad thermo-formable temperature range can be obtained.


Thermoforming process brings about crystallization in PURETHERMO and the sheet crystallinity increases. But PURETHERMO can maintain its fine structure. The high crystallinity and fine structure make PURETHERMO transparent and rigid.
PURETHERMO has a comparable rigidity of general PP.

Excellent adhesion grade

Excellent adhesion grade

Idemitsu Unitech’s proprietary special surface treatment improved the film’s adhesion with printing ink. This offers flexibility in the design expression of PP decorative molding.

Resistant to oily food or heat

PURETHEMO is resistant to oily food or heat in common with general PP.

Application Examples

1.Food container, cover and food packaging

Conventional productsConventional products

Heating up in microwave oven sometimes causes package deformation, especially if the package contains oily foods. The temperature sometimes becomes over 100 degree Celsius so that packages for this application need to be resistant to heat. PURETHEMO has been shown good performance for this application.


2.Medical kit product packaging

Medical packages are often sterilized by ethylene oxide gas or autoclave. They also need see-through appearance.

3.Decorative property of motorcycle exterior

Our proprietary crystallization control and special surface treatment techniques have embodied our decorative PP sheets with high transparency, formability into complex shapes, and good printing ink adhesion, making them ideal for decorative molding purposes.
These sheets are suitable for insert injection molding , in-mold injection molding, and over-ray forming.
Monomaterials can be produced by combining this sheet with molded PP parts, which increases the ease of recycling.

4.Other applications

・Industrial materials: electronic component trays and battery blister packs
・Blister for general merchandise: files and writing material blister packs
・Sanitary goods: tooth brushes, cotton buds and gauze blister packs

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