Message from the CEO

Idemitsu Unitech belongs to the functional materials segment of the Idemitsu Kosan Group and engages in the plastic products business. Defined as manufacturing and sales of food packaging, medical packaging, and industrial materials with extrusion molding, our business features a wide range of product lineups, including sheets, films, zipper tapes, containers, and decorative sheets, along with the processing techniques to produce them. In particular, our strength in the packaging business is the capability to make total packaging proposals utilizing each product’s characteristics through co-creation with our customers and partner companies.

While molded plastic products are convenient and useful, issues of ocean plastic, carbon neutral, etc. have been challenges for the global community in recent years. We make active efforts to promote sustainable management under the slogan “Transformation to an environmentally-compatible plastics company.” In addition to enhancement of 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) activities that we have been working on, we are doing our utmost to utilize non-petroleum materials and biodegradable plastics and develop easily recyclable products using monomaterials. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing new options for our customers to address social challenges.

As our core challenge in the medium-term management plan is to expand our business globally, not only within Japan, we focus on overseas development of the zipper tape business centering on Thailand. We also consider the establishment of a local subsidiary in North America, the world’s largest demand center for our products, with a view toward local manufacturing and sales in the future.

Our management vision is to “aim to be an enterprise that continues to provide inspiration through co-creation of value in people, technology, and materials.” We established a trial laboratory as a site for co-creation of value with our customers and partner companies to engage in the development of “one-of-a-kind products” with high functionality and originality based on advanced technological capabilities.

With the aim of becoming a trusted and preferred partner for customers, we are determined to move forward with united efforts of all employees. We would appreciate your continued support and patronage.

October 1,2021
Shigeki Morofuji, Representative Director & CEO

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