Refinery & Complex

With four refineries and three complexes, we strive for safe operation and stable energy supply.

Initiatives for Safety and Environment

Top priority on safety measures and Creating a park-like refinery and plant trusted by local communities

Hokkaido Refinery

Hokkaido Refinery started its operations in 1973 as the base for supplying energy to regions including Hokkaido, northern Japan and Hokuriku area. It receives crude oil from tankers through the sea berth installed 3 km offshore, transports crude oil to the refinery through an offshore pipeline and produces various petroleum products with outstanding quality by utilizing leading-edge refining facilities.

Chiba Complex

Under the integrated operations of the Refinery and the Plant, Idemitsu Chiba has been promoting mutual cooperation with neighboring companies and local communities. With these activities, Idemitsu Chiba aims to establish the industrial complex as being extremely competitive in the global markets. Idemitsu Chiba constitutes the core plants of Keiyo Coastal Industrial Complex.

Aichi Complex

Aichi Complex has one of the largest land delivery capacities in Japan, providing petroleum products to customers in Tokai, Hokuriku and Kansai regions on a round-the-clock basis. With its recently upgraded shipping facilities, Aichi Complex is promoting exports of products to overseas markets.

Tokuyama Complex

Tokuyama Complex supplies energy and chemical raw materials to Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu areas, while also serving as infrastructure providing energy and raw materials to the Shunan Petrochemical Complex. Chemical raw materials are also exported to neighboring countries in line with rising demand.

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