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Thank you for visiting our Website. This Website ("Website") is owned and operated by Idemitsu International (Asia) Pte. Ltd. ("IIA"). Please read and agree with the following Terms and Conditions before using this Website. It is regarded that all visitors have read thoroughly and agreed with all of the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the following Terms and Conditions, please do not use this Website.


In operating this Website, IIA disclaims liability for the matters specified in each of the following items. Note that use of this Website constitutes acceptance of the content of each of the items in this disclaimer.

1.IIA shall assume no liability for any damages incurred by customers or third parties in relation to this Website, including those related to the provision, delay, modification, interruption, suspension, cessation, or deletion of any type of service or information on this Website.

2.Although IIA pays adequate attention to storing and maintaining in strict confidence, through such means as encryption, the personal information entered and sent by customers in using this Website, it makes no warranty that it is able to prevent such information from being leaked, lost, altered by third parties, or otherwise compromised. Accordingly, IIA assumes no liability for any damages incurred by customers or third parties in the event of such information being leaked, lost, altered by third parties, or otherwise compromised.

3.IIA makes no warranty of any kind concerning the safety, accuracy, reliability, usefulness, recentness, legality, ethicality, or absence of computer viruses, or any other such warranty, of the information or services offered on this Website or of any information or similar content obtained by customers through this Website, through e-mail sent by IIA, or through other such means. Accordingly, IIA assumes no liability even in cases in which customers or third parties have incurred damages in relation to the information or services offered on this Website, or to information or similar content obtained by customers through the above means.

4.IIA has no connection to, and shall assume no liability for, any information, services, or similar content contained on other websites linked to from this Website. Please use any linked websites at your own risk, in accordance with the terms and conditions provided on such sites. IIA merely provides links to such websites for the convenience of its customers, and such links are not to be construed as any form of recommendation of the use of such websites or of the products, services, or similar content provided thereon. Moreover, such links do not necessarily indicate that there is any coordination, cooperation, or other special relationship between IIA, or its partner companies, and the corporations or individuals managing and/or operating the linked websites.

5.IIA handles personal data, including telephone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, and other information provided by customers as customer contact information, and it shall assume no liability for damages due to changes, errors, or similar issues with respect to such contact information.

6.Members themselves are responsible for management of email addresses and passwords supplied when registering for membership. IIA shall assume no liability for damages due to reasons such as use by third parties or mistaken use of member email addresses or passwords as a result of their improper management.

Use of Personal Information

In cases where you access third-party websites via this website, Idemitsu International (Asia) is not responsible for any privacy policies or bylaws of other websites.


The following conducts are prohibited upon using our Website.

1.Any conduct that infringes or may infringe property or privacy of IIA or of any third party.

2.Any conduct that causes or may cause loss or damage to IIA or to any third party.

3.Any conduct that defames or may defame IIA or any third party.

4.Any conduct that disturbs public order and morals, as well as any criminal act or any conduct that leads or may lead to a criminal act.

5.Reporting of false information, such as registration of a third person's e-mail address.

6.Any business activity or any conduct for commercial purposes or preparation of such activity.

7.Any conduct that uses or provides, or may use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses.

8.Any conduct that violates or may violate applicable laws or regulations.

9.Any other conduct that IIA deems inappropriate.


Copyright and Trademark Right

Except as specifically stated otherwise, all copyright and other rights related to information / logos / trademarks / images / videos / sound etc on this Website belong to IIA, or the original author(s).
Reuse or duplication of any such content in full or in part, as-is or modified, beyond the scope of personal use and other explicitly permissible usage as established by law, without obtaining written consent from IIA in advance, is prohibited.

Links to Our Website

In principle, other websites are free to link to this Website. However, since individual webpages are subject to changes in their URLs or removal, resulting in dead links, linking to the IIA homepage is recommended.

No application is required for links that satisfy the following conditions. Please contact IIA separately if you require banner images or other support.

1.Please be sure to make clear the fact that any links are linked to this Website.

2.Please ensure that links open in new windows, individually. Displaying this Website inside of frames or in combination with the linking site or other content is prohibited.

3.Linking itself is prohibited when not in agreement with the objectives of IIA or when it could be detrimental to IIA's business or to trust in the company. This applies to links already in existence as well.

The fact that a website links to this Website is not to be construed as any form of recommendation on the part of IIA for the use of such website, for the products or services contained thereon, or for the company or companies mentioned on such website. It is not permitted to use the Apollo logo, other corporate logos and images on this website as a link button. Please use the text " Idemitsu International (Asia) Pte. Ltd." as a link to this Website.


Recommended Browsing Environment

・Monitor resolution: full HD 1920×1080 pixels or above
・Connection speed: Broadband (ADSL / cable TV / optical fiber)

Recommended Browser/Operating System Versions

・Windows 10
・Microsoft Edge : Latest version
・Chrome : Latest version
・Firefox : Latest version

For Users of Other than the Above Browsers/Operating Systems

If you are using a different version of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox a different browser, or a different operating system than those listed above, the Website may still be viewable but certain functions and features may not display as designed.


Please note that printed output may appear different from what you see on the screen depending on the characteristics of your browser or operating system.

Browser-Specific Settings

Please note that when displaying or using webpages the actions of your browser could differ from those of other browsers due to its own unique settings (for example, you may see an alert asking you to verify something when a page is displayed).


As part of its efforts to provide a highly accessible website, IIA takes the following steps:

1.Making it possible to change font sizes to sizes that are easier to read, through the choice of browser used or the browser's font size button;

2.Adding textual data to images


This Website employs the following plug-ins and helper applications. If you do not have these applications installed, please download them from the links below to use this Website. Also note that plug-ins and helper applications are subject to change without notice.

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