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Advanced Technology Research Laboratories, as a corporate research department, promotes medium- to long-term research and development in collaboration with Innovation Strategy Department, Business Divisions, Divisional Research Laboratories, and Technology & Engineering Center.
In particular, we aim to develop next-generation materials to realize a resilient business portfolio, and to contribute to GHG (greenhouse gas) reduction and Resources recycling in order to achieve harmony with the global environment and society. We are working on innovative technology development to quickly respond to changes in the social environment.

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At Advanced Technology Research Laboratories, we use the design and synthesis of organic and inorganic materials, catalyst design and synthesis, composite technology, biotechnology, and physical property/device evaluation as technological platforms to develop functional polymers, electronic materials, battery materials, We are focusing on research and development in four areas of harmony with the environment and strengthening the fundamental technologies (analysis, analysis, and computational science) that support them.
In addition, from April 2020, we will open the "Idemitsu Kosan Collaborative Research Center for Next-Generation Materials Creation" on the Suzukakedai Campus of the National University Corporation Tokyo Institute of Technology, to create next-generation materials and human resources with the aim of creating new value. We are working on training.

About Advanced Technology Research Laboratories

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