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About the Coal & Environment Research Laboratory

The Coal & Environment Research Laboratory is the only research institute in Japan dedicated to coal, with the aim of realizing environmentally friendly coal business and striving to solve various technical issues faced by customers.
Coal plays an important role as one of the major primary energy sources. On the other hand, since CO2 is generated with the use of coal, efforts to reduce emissions are required.
The Coal & Environment Research Laboratory is dedicated to providing technical services and developing clean use of coal to meet the needs of our customers. In recent years, it has been actively promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions through biomass co-firing and the development of technology for using CO2 as a chemical raw material.

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Main Activities / Research Contents - 01 Research and Development of Technologies for the Use of Solid Fuels such as Coal and Biomass

The Coal & Environment Research Laboratory has equipment that can acquire and analyze data from the laboratory scale to the actual machine scale, and has developed clean coal technologies such as high-efficiency coal combustion technology and environmental protection technologies.
In recent years, biomass has been expected to have a CO2 emission reduction effect as carbon neutral. The research results on coal accumulated over many years have also been applied to the development of biomass utilization technology.

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Main Activities / Research Contents - 02 Development of Carbon Recycling Technology using CO2 as a Resource

CO2 and calcium ion react to form calcium carbonate without external energy consumption. As a calcium ion source of the widely known reaction, the Coal & Environment Research Laboratory focuses on industrial wastes, especially waste concrete. To reduce the waste as well as CO2 emissions, we research with enthusiasm for implementation of this CO2 fixation process. We pursue not only this technology but other various carbon recycling ones toward the realization of a low-carbon society.

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