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Introduction Research

corporate research

Advanced Technology Research Laboratories

In collaboration with Innovation Strategy Department, business divisions, business research institutes, and Technology & Engineering Center, we are working to develop next-generation materials and contribute to greenhouse gas reduction and Resources recycling for harmony with the global environment and society. We are engaged in research and development on long-term themes.

field of study

  • functional polymer

  • Electronic Materials

  • Harmony with the environment

  • Fundamental technology

Industrial science

Technology & Engineering Center

We are involved in manufacturing process development, design, construction, operation, quality, and maintenance at domestic and overseas Refineries/Complexes. In addition to contributing to the stable supply of petroleum products and chemical products, we aim to realize a carbon-neutral, recycling-oriented society by utilizing the technologies we have cultivated through these businesses.


Lubricants Research Laboratory

Since our opening in 1968, we have been engaged in advanced research and development of lubricants and lubrication technology together with our customers. Four product development groups and three basic research groups are engaged in the development of a wide range of products, including automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, and greases. We are also focusing on developing products that are carbon neutral and contribute to improving the working environment.

Advanced materials & Performance Chemicals /engineering plastics

Performance Materials Laboratories

We are engaged in research and development and application development of engineering plastics, Advanced materials & Performance Chemicals such as adhesive base materials and liquid rubber, and functional coating materials, which are positioned as Functional materials businesses. Based on the technologies we have accumulated over many years in areas such as catalysts, synthesis, material design, compounds, and practical evaluation, we provide solutions to diverse needs and create new value.

Electronic Materials

Electronic Materials Development Center

As a pioneer in OLED light-emitting materials, we develop OLED materials with the world's highest level of performance, and work to develop optimal device configurations that bring out the best performance from the materials. By proposing total solution technologies that meet customer needs, OLED display market.


Bitumen Department Technology Section

We conduct research and development of high-performance asphalt based on six core technologies: polymer alloy, surface active technology, chemical analysis, physical property analysis, pavement damage simulation, and adhesive technology. We support the safety and security of social infrastructure with reliable technology and proposal capabilities.

lithium battery materials

Battery Material Development Center / Technology & Engineering Development Center

We aim to contribute to an electric society through the development and commercialization of new materials for next-generation batteries, centered on solid electrolytes key materials for all-solid-state lithium batteries. At Battery Material Development Center / Technology & Engineering Development Center, we are developing solid electrolytes have superior properties such as thermal stability compared to flammable electrolytes, which have been an issue with conventional liquid-based lithium batteries.

coal and environment

Coal & Environment Research Laboratory

We are the only comprehensive research institute specializing in coal in Japan that strives to realize environmentally friendly coal operations and address various technical issues faced by our customers. We are actively promoting the development of technologies that contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society, such as reducing CO₂ emissions through biomass co-firing and using CO₂ as a chemical raw material.

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