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Coal & Environment Research Laboratory is Japan's only comprehensive research institute specializing in coal, which strives to realize environmentally harmonious coal operations and address various technical issues faced by our customers.
Coal plays an important role as one of the major primary energies. On the other hand, the use of coal generates CO2, so efforts are required to reduce emissions.
Coal & Environment Research Laboratory is working on the development of technical services that meet customer needs and technologies for clean coal usage. We are actively promoting development.

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Technology/service consulting 低炭素化に向けた取り組み

Main initiatives/research contents - 01

Research and development on technology for utilizing solid fuels such as coal and biomass

maceral microscope

Coal & Environment Research Laboratory has equipment that can acquire and analyze data from the laboratory scale to the actual machine scale, and has developed clean utilization technologies such as high-efficiency coal combustion technology and environmental protection technology.
In recent years, biomass is expected to have the effect of reducing CO2 emissions. The research results we have accumulated over many years regarding coal are also being applied to the development of biomass utilization technologies.

Main initiatives/research contents - 02

Development of carbon recycling technology that uses CO2 as Resources

Coal & Environment Research Laboratory focused on the fact that calcium ions easily react with CO2 without requiring energy. We aim to commercialize and popularize CO2 fixation and Resources processes that use industrial waste such as waste concrete as raw materials.
At our company, we will pursue the possibilities of all carbon recycling technologies that utilize emitted CO2 as Resources in order to realize a low-carbon society.


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