We handle lubricants for automobiles, greases, and factory lubricants such as hydraulic oils and gear oils, etc. We have manufacturing, sales, and R&D networks in 28 countries around the world, and we develop products that meet the challenges and needs of our customers.

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Selection of suitable oil

From a wide variety of lubricant products of various types and uses, we want our customers to choose the product that best suits their site conditions and needs, both for industrial use and for internal combustion engines. You can view the appropriate oil selection table that we recommend by genre.

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We provide SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for safe product management.

Thoughts on lubricants The Heart of Technology

The lubricant technology that we have cultivated supports technological innovation for customers, consumers, and society as a whole. The brand message for our lubricants, "The Heart of Technology," expresses our desire to create a truly enriching world through technology.

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For inquiries regarding Shell lubricant products, please contact Shell, which manufactures and sells them.
Please contact Shell Lubricants Japan Co., Ltd.

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