Bitumen (High Performance Asphalt)

Bitumen (High Performance Asphalt)

We carry out integrated research and development, manufacturing, and sales of asphalt products that are refined during the manufacturing process of petroleum products. As the only comprehensive asphalt manufacturer in Japan, we provide asphalt products for a variety of uses such as road paving materials, waterproofing materials for housing, and industrial materials, as well as further improving the durability and longevity of road pavements, making them low-carbon, etc. We are working on product and technology development for the future.

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Granphalt ART imageGranfalt ART

Granfalt ART

This is a premium polymer-modified asphalt type II with improved workability that uses a proprietary polymer dispersion control formulation.
It can also be used at a lower mixing temperature, reducing the amount of fuel and CO2 required during the production of asphalt mixture, and shortening the curing time, making it possible to open to traffic sooner.
It has been widely used on highways and airports.

Reprofalt 300 imageReprofalt 300

Reprofalt 300

This asphalt is used to reuse old paving materials generated during repair work.
The generated material is collected, crushed, and classified to become recycled aggregate, but old asphalt still adheres to the surface of the recycled aggregate. Old asphalt has been oxidized and its composition has changed due to UV rays and rainwater over the years, making it hard and brittle, so it is necessary to adjust it to the original hardness of asphalt.
Reprophalt 300 blends well with old asphalt using a chemical approach, giving it an excellent finish on paved surfaces and edges, reducing stone chips and cracks. In the manufacturing process, it is possible to reduce waste mix material after storage in silos and increase the proportion of recycled aggregate while maintaining quality, improving the recycling rate of pavement.

Reprovital 200 imagesReprovital 200

Reprovital 200

This is a recycling additive that prioritizes extending the life of pavement using recycled composite material, and is able to restore the composition of asphalt and handle it at room temperature.
The finish of recycled pavement is improved by restoring the asphalt components attached to the recycled aggregate, whose components have changed due to long-term use, to their original composition.
Since it is fluid at room temperature, no heating is required during production and it is easy to handle.

Reprovital 500 imagesReprovital 500

Reprovital 500

This is an additive for recycling whose main component is aromatic content, using a unique technology that puts first priority on extending the life of pavement using recycled composite materials.
The generated material is collected, crushed, and classified to become recycled aggregate, but old asphalt still adheres to the surface of the recycled aggregate. Old asphalt is oxidized and its composition changes due to UV rays and rainwater over many years, and in particular, the aromatic content, which is the main component, decreases, causing it to harden, lose adhesiveness, and become brittle. In order to recycle pavement waste, it is necessary to add recycling additives to the recycled aggregate to which old asphalt, which has become hard and brittle, is attached, to restore the original hardness and composition of asphalt. The finish and lifespan of recycled pavement will vary depending on the selection of additives for recycling.
Approximately 70% of the main components of Reprovital 500 are aromatic. Replenishes lost components and restores old asphalt to its original quality.

Maybright A imageMaybright A

Maybright A

We provide pavements that harmonize with any landscape, from tourist spots and historic cityscapes to futuristic buildings. While maintaining the same pavement quality, we have significantly improved workability and workability, and reduced the "odor'' generated during mixing and construction.
Based on the latest technology and know-how cultivated over many years, we deliver peace of mind to everyone who walks on the road.

Blown Asphalt 10/20 image

Blown Asphalt 10/20

This is a product manufactured only by our company in Japan.
This asphalt is made harder than straight asphalt by blowing air into molten petroleum asphalt. By changing its properties, it is easier to handle as an industrial product. As a waterproof material, it can be used as a raw material for roof vibration damping sheets, vibration isolating sheets for automobiles, and protective materials for submarine cables.