Idemitsu Music Award

What is the Idemitsu Music Award?

The Idemitsu Music Award was established in 1990 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of "Untitled Concert," which began broadcasting in 1964. This award supports the activities of young, up-and-coming musicians who have a promising future and will help improve Japan's musical culture. The 115 award winners and organizations up to the 33rd edition have gone on to achieve remarkable success both domestically and internationally. Our company considers "culture,'' which fosters spiritual richness, to be one of the pillars of our corporate citizenship activities, and will continue to create a history of the "Idemitsu Music Award'' that connects people and the next generation.

Winners of the 33rd “Idemitsu Music Award”

Saki Tozawa

Saki Tozawa

Hina Maeda

Hina Maeda

Keigo Mukawa

Keigo Mukawa

The date for the gala concert by the winners of the 33rd Idemitsu Music Award will be announced as soon as it is decided.


Throughout the year, three to five up-and-coming musicians who have performed outstanding activities will be selected and recognized. Each winner will receive a prize of 3 million yen.

Selection criteria

  • We place emphasis on motivation, talent, and future potential from the perspective of development, rather than mere perfection.

  • In principle, we will consider composition, performance, academic research, etc. in the classical music department, but the selection process will be flexible.

  • Eligibility for the award is, in principle, for musicians under the age of 30 who primarily live and work in Japan.

Selection method

In the preliminary selection, candidates are recommended by the recommendation committee, and in the main selection, the selection committee selects candidates from among the candidates in the preliminary selection, and the board of directors approves them.

selection committee

Kazuyoshi Akiyama (conductor)
Shinichiro Ikebe (composer)
Kazushi Ishida (music critic)
Yoshio Unno (violin)
Kawori Kimura (piano)
Toshimitsu Kimura (Vocal)

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Past winners of the Idemitsu Music Award