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Lithium Battery Material Department focuses on solid electrolytes for all-solid lithium batteries that are expected to be put into practical use as next-generation secondary batteries, and contributes to an electric society through the development and commercialization of new materials for next-generation batteries. We aim to be a contributing business.
At Battery Material Development Center / Technology & Engineering Development Center, we are developing solid electrolytes that have superior properties such as thermal stability compared to flammable electrolytes, which have been an issue with conventional liquid-based lithium batteries. All-solid-state lithium batteries using this solid electrolytes are expected to have both high energy density and safety, as well as long life and excellent rapid charging.

Main initiatives/research contents - 01

Development of solid electrolytes materials

all-solid lithium battery We are working to improve the performance of solid electrolytes and battery materials, which are key materials for the development and commercialization of the manufacturing process.
We are also working to brush up our materials by repeatedly proposing and improving materials to our partner companies.

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Main initiatives/research contents - 02

Efforts toward mass production

Our research and development chemists, process development engineers, and equipment engineers are working together to develop manufacturing methods in order to establish the world's first solid electrolytes production technology. The demonstration facility began operation in the fall of 2021. We are promoting development with the aim of mass producing solid electrolytes, further improving quality and reducing costs, and building an integrated production and stable supply system starting from raw materials.

Main initiatives/research contents - 03

Lithium recovery technology

Demand for lithium secondary batteries is expected to expand rapidly with the predicted spread of EVs and other vehicles. As the raw materials used are rapidly expanding, reuse and recycling of batteries is attracting attention. We are developing technology to recover lithium used in solid electrolytes for all-solid lithium battery from used batteries.

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Main initiatives/research contents - 04

Intellectual property strategy activities

We are currently considering strategically acquiring our intellectual property in order to commercialize solid electrolytes.
We have produced many inventions regarding our unique industrial production technology for lithium sulfide and sulfide-based solid electrolytes made from lithium sulfide, and we boast one of the world's highest number of patent applications in this field. We will continue to contribute to commercialization by continuing to obtain rights to our developed technology.


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