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About the Performance Materials Laboratories

The mission of the Performance Materials Laboratories, a divisional laboratory of the Advanced Materials & Performance Chemicals Department, is to conduct research and development and to develop applications for engineering plastics, performance chemicals such as adhesive base materials and hydroxyl terminated liquid polymers, and functional coating materials, which are positioned as part of the Functional Materials Business. Based on the technologies accumulated over the years in the areas of catalysts, synthesis, material design, compounding, and practical evaluation, we provide solutions to the various needs of the market and create new values for the next generation.

Performance Materials Laboratories building

Main Activities / Research Contents - 01 Engineering Plastics

Our engineering plastics include TARFLON™ (polycarbonate), XAREC™ (syndiotactic polystyrene), and IGLAN™, a thermosetting resin. By enhancing the function of our products through alloying and compounding, we are able to meet the needs of our customers in a variety of fields, such as for use in automobiles, IT equipment, and lighting.

Automobile Headlights
Automobile Ornaments

Main Activities / Research Contents - 02 Advanced Materials & Performance Chemicals

Advanced Materials & Performance chemicals include the adhesive materials, I-MARV™ (Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin) for tackifier, and L-MODU™ (Low Molecular weight and Low Modulus polypropylene) for adhesive base material. L-MODU™ also contributes to the development of multifunctional polypropylene materials such as nonwoven fabrics. In addition, we have distinctive materials such as Poly bd™, Poly ip™ and EPOL™, which are hydroxyl terminated liquid polymers with highly reactive hydroxyl groups at the both ends of the molecule. Moreover we lineup α-olefins, LINEALENE™, which has a reactive double bond at the molecular end.

Non-woven Fabric Rolls
Baby in Diaper

Main Activities / Research Contents - 03 Functional Coating Materials

As for functional coating materials, TOUGHZET™ (special polycarbonate), which has excellent abrasion and heat resistance, is used for surface coating of electronic photo conductor (OPC) drums, and polyaniline, which is a conductive coating agent with a wide range of controllable conductivity, is used in the field of electronic materials.

Color Copier
Electrolytic Capacitor

Main Activities / Research Contents - 04 Co-creation with Customers

In addition to the development of materials and applications that reflect the needs of our customers, we support our customers' product realization by providing design support using CAE such as flow analysis, warpage and stress analysis, and other technical support in the commercialization process.
The open laboratory "Molding Trial Site" is equipped with high-performance injection molding machines and practical evaluation equipment to promote collaboration with customers through prototyping and product evaluation.
In addition, the Presentation Site displays examples of the use of high-performance materials, allowing visitors to experience the breadth of our business activities and to utilize the site as a place for co-creation with customers for creating new development themes.

Molding Room at Development Site
Exhibition View of Presentation Site


1-1, Anesaki Kaigan, Ichihara, Chiba, 299-0193, Japan
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