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About the Bitumen Department Technology Section

Based on six core technologies - "Polymer Alloys," "Interface Technology," "Chemical Analysis," "Physical Property Analysis," "Pavement Damage Simulation," and "Adhesion Technology" - we are working on research and development of high-performance bitumen with added value to penetration grade bitumen produced as bottom distillate in oil refineries. Our products are widely used not only in road pavements such as expressways, but also in landscape pavements for aquariums, parks, and historic sites, foundation piles to support buildings in waterfront areas such as airports and theme parks, and even in water-proofing works on the rooftops of buildings. We support the safety and security of social infrastructures with our reliable technologies and proposal capabilities, and create products that will remain in the memories of visitors.


Main Activities / Research Contents - 01 Development of High-performance Bitumen for Asphalt Pavement

We are developing high-performance bitumen to extend the service life of road pavements, by conducting multi-faceted analysis using a wide range of evaluation equipment and methods, both in Japan and overseas. With bitumen produced in refineries being used as the base material, various additives are blended in to impart durability and functionality, resulting in pavements with improved workability, drainage, and landscaping. They are supporting road infrastructure in various places, such as expressways, bridges, and walkways in parks.

Development of High-performance Bitumen for Roads

Main Activities / Research Contents - 02 Research on Asphalt Pavement Recycling and Reusing Technology

When asphalt pavement has deteriorated after long-term service due to rutting, cracking, etc., the surface layer is removed and re-laid with new material. The recycling and reusing of pavement waste generated in this process is a common issue that is being actively researched around the world. We are contributing to a sustainable society by developing advanced pavement rejuvenation additives that match the actual needs of Japan, which has a high pavement recycling rate. In addition, by deepening knowledge of physics, chemistry, analytical technology, etc., and in cooperation with customers, academic societies, and ordering parties in Japan and abroad, we will conduct research aimed at proposing the next generation of pavement recycling technology.

Deteriorated Bitumen Pavement

Main Activities / Research Contents - 03 Development of High-performance Bitumen for Industrial Use

Using our unique evaluation method, which reproduces the movement of ground subsidence, we have developedthe “SL Compound,” a bituminous coating material which reduces the negative friction acting on the building foundation piles, thus supporting buildings “from below.” In addition, bitumimous material forroof tarpaulins, which prevents water ingress, has also been developed to match construction and service conditions in real life, thusprotecting buildings “from above”. Bituminous materials have been providing safety and security in our daily lives, without our knowing it.

High-performance Bitumen for Industrial Use


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