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Technology & Engineering Center is a group of specialized engineers involved in manufacturing process development, design, construction, operation, quality, and maintenance.
In addition to contributing to the supply of petroleum products and chemical products through the safe and stable operation of domestic and overseas Refineries/Complexes and strengthening their competitiveness, we also leverage the technologies we have cultivated through these businesses to reduce carbon emissions by collaborating with internal and external parties. We are working to quickly realize provide for society of neutral and recycling-oriented social systems.

Main initiatives/research contents - 01

Experiments and analysis for manufacturing process development and optimization

Fundamental Engineering Research Institute

Our company is working on the development and mass production of new materials used in biofuels, EVs, etc. Among these, the manufacturing process of a product is an important factor that determines quality, cost, productivity, supply stability, etc. Technology & Engineering Center creates various experimental devices and collects and analyzes data for designing and optimizing manufacturing processes. In order to scale up from flask-sized experimental data to equipment that can produce tens of thousands of tons per year, detailed experiments and analysis are required.

Main initiatives/research contents - 02

Analysis and design of manufacturing processes using computational fluid simulation


In the development of processes for manufacturing new functional materials, the development and design of reactors is extremely important as it affects quality, cost, and product yield. In order to design reactors with higher performance, Technology & Engineering Center collects experimental chemical reaction data, evaluates flow patterns using cold models, and finally designs optimal reactors using computational fluid simulation. We are doing In particular, since experiments cannot be conducted on the scale of actual equipment, it is necessary to accurately predict reactor performance through virtual simulations and understand the optimal conditions for actual operation. The figure shows the analysis results of a stirred tank reactor and fluidized catalytic cracking reactor.

Main initiatives/research contents - 03

Fuel quality design using actual vehicles and engines

We carry out research and research for the rational use of petroleum products, quality design that responds to future changes, technology accumulation research regarding the safety of petroleum products, and quality design that takes safety into consideration. Gasoline and diesel oil are used as fuel for passenger cars, trucks, buses, etc., so we have equipment such as chassis dynamo equipment and engine bench equipment that allow us to evaluate actual vehicles and engines. Chassis dynamo equipment uses actual vehicles to evaluate exhaust emissions and drivability under various temperatures and operating conditions to design fuels suitable for each region and season in Japan. In addition, our engine bench equipment performs various evaluations of individual engines, mainly on exhaust gas and combustion conditions, which is used to design the quality of automotive fuels.

Chassis dynamo equipment
engine bench equipment


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