Electronic Materials Development Center

Electronic Materials Development Center

Element evaluation

Our company began research and development of OLED) in 1985, and in 1997 we succeeded in developing a blue-emitting OLED materials with world-class practical performance.
As a pioneer in OLED light-emitting materials, Electronic Materials Development Center develops OLED materials with the world's highest level of performance, while also working to develop optimal device configurations that bring out the best performance from the materials. By proposing total solution technologies that meet customer needs, OLED display market.

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Electronic Materials

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molecular design

Researchers talking

We design organic molecules that realize the performance required by our customers. In addition to analyzing information obtained from material property evaluation, OLED element evaluation, and computational chemistry, we also use AI that utilizes the abundant material data we have accumulated to achieve more accurate molecular design.

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precision organic synthesis

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We synthesize the designed organic molecules with high purity and high selectivity using various organic reactions. The performance required by customers is getting higher every year, and the synthesis of OLED materials we design is becoming more difficult, but we are able to create high-performance materials by making full use of the experience and technical capabilities we have cultivated.

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Researchers evaluating and analyzing

We create OLED element by combining synthesized materials, and conduct evaluation, analysis, and elucidation of the principles, leading to the development of materials that meet customer needs and the development of OLED element that bring out the performance of the materials. We also work together with our customers to solve problems they are facing.


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