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Functional materials The mission of Performance Materials Laboratories, a division laboratory of the Advanced materials & Performance Chemicals Department, is to research and develop applications for engineering plastics, Advanced materials & Performance Chemicals such as adhesive base materials and liquid rubbers, and functional coating materials, which we have positioned as our business. Based on the technologies we have accumulated over the years in areas such as catalysts, synthesis, material design, compounding, and practical evaluation, we provide solutions to various needs from the market and create new values for the next era.

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engineering plastics

These include the engineering plastics TARFLON™ (polycarbonate), XAREC™ (syndiotactic polystyrene), and the thermosetting resin Aigran™. By further enhancing functionality through alloy compounding, we are meeting customer needs in a variety of situations, including automotive applications, IT equipment, and lighting applications.

automotive headlights
auto decorative parts

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engineering plastics

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Advanced Materials & Performance Chemicals

Advanced materials & Performance Chemicals include I-MARV ™ (hydrogenated petroleum resin), which is an adhesive base material, liquid rubber with hydroxyl groups at both ends of the molecule, Hydroxyl Terminated Poly butadiene™, Hydroxyl terminated liquid Poly isoprene™, Hydroxyl terminated liquid Poly olefin™ and rubber with terminal double bonds. We are developing unique materials such as LINEALEN ™ (α-olefin).

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Functional coating material

As a functional coating material, TOUGHZET™ (special polycarbonate), which has excellent abrasion resistance and heat resistance, is used as a surface coating resin for electrophotographic photoconductor (OPC) drums, and polyaniline, a conductive coating agent that can control conductivity over a wide range, is used as a functional coating material. are used in the electronic materials field.

color copy machine
electrolytic capacitor

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Co-creation with customers

In addition to developing materials and applications that reflect our customers' needs, we support the realization of our customers' products during the commercialization process by providing design support using CAE, flow analysis, warpage/stress analysis, and other technical support.
The open laboratory "development site" is equipped with high-performance injection molding machines and practical evaluation equipment, and promotes collaboration with customers through prototyping and product evaluation.
In addition, our presentation site exhibits application examples of Functional materials, allowing visitors to experience the breadth of our business activities and serving as a place for co-creation with customers to create new development themes. You can use it.

Molding room at development site
Exhibition view of the presentation site


Address 1-1 Anesakikaigan, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, 299-0193

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