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Straight asphalt produced as Refinery bottom distillate based on six core technologies: "polymer alloy," "surfactant technology," "chemical analysis," "physical property analysis," "pavement damage simulation," and "adhesive technology." We have been conducting research and development on high-performance asphalt that adds value to the industry. In addition to road paving such as expressways, landscape paving such as aquariums, parks, castles, and shrines, foundation piles that support buildings in waterfront areas such as airports and theme parks, and even rooftop waterproofing of buildings, etc. It is used in the scene. We create products every day with the idea of supporting the safety and security of social infrastructure with reliable technology and proposal capabilities, and creating lasting memories for those who stop by.

Main initiatives/research contents - 01

Development of high-performance asphalt for roads

High-performance asphalt for roads

We develop high-performance asphalt that extends the lifespan of road pavements through multifaceted analysis using a wide range of evaluation devices and methods, both domestically and internationally. By blending various additives with the base asphalt base material produced at Refinery to add functionality, we can create pavements with improved workability, drainage, landscape pavements, etc. on expressways, bridges, park walkways, etc. We support road infrastructure in many situations.

Main initiatives/research contents - 02

Research on asphalt pavement regeneration and reuse technology

deteriorated asphalt pavement

When asphalt pavement deteriorates over many years of use, it is removed and replaced with new material. Recycling and reusing the pavement waste materials generated during this process is a common issue that is being actively researched all over the world. We are contributing to a sustainable society by developing additives for pavement reclamation in line with Japan's high reuse rate. In addition, we are deepening our knowledge of physics, chemistry, analysis technology, etc., and collaborating with domestic and international clients, academic societies, and customer, and conducting research with the aim of proposing next-generation pavement regeneration technologies and standardizing them.

Main initiatives/research contents - 03

Development of industrial high-performance asphalt

Industrial high-performance asphalt

By making full use of our unique evaluation method that reproduces the movement of ground subsidence, we have developed an asphalt coating material called SL Compound that reduces the negative friction that foundation piles receive, supporting buildings from below. Furthermore, the asphalt material used in roof waterproof sheets to prevent rainwater from entering has been developed in line with actual construction and service conditions, protecting buildings from above as well. We continue to provide safety and security to our lives, where we are unknowingly surrounded by asphalt materials.


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