Management Philosophy

The Origin of Management


Ningen-Soncho means having respect for people. To live up to this ideal, we must reflect on ourselves so that we are able to become both a person worthy of respect and someone who has respect for others. But what makes a person worthy of respect? It would be very difficult to produce a comprehensive list of qualifications. Yet, if we take a step back and base our criteria on common sense, it is fairly simple. A person who engages in self-reflection – who works for the welfare of others and endeavors to create harmony – is worthy of respect. We must strive to be this person. It will lead to a world of respectable people who respect one another, working together for the welfare of humanity and spreading peace throughout the world.

Management Philosophy

Truly inspired

How often do we consider the countries and communities we touch, and how much empathy do we have for the people living there?
Are we contemplating what’s best for them and then doing our utmost to act in their interests?
Each day, we must reflect on our actions; we must strive to do better not only for ourselves, but also for others.
When we come together and our efforts are united, we make the impossible possible.

With integrity, solidarity, and determination, we will overcome any challenge we face.

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