Medium-term Management Plan

In Medium-term Management Plan announced in 2022, we present over 15 social implementation menus to realize a carbon-neutral and recycling-oriented society by 2050.

—It's inefficient to work on many menus. Why not narrow it down more? — You may be wondering.
However, no one can accurately say what kind of society will be in 2050.
What kind of energy and materials will be useful and needed by society in 2050?
It may differ depending on the country or region. Right now, no one knows the correct answer.

We at Idemitsu are a supplier of energy and materials, but cannot create demand.
However, by the time demand is stimulated, and people realized that "this energy and materials will support future society.''
,we must be fully prepared.
If we were not prepared, we would not be able to fulfill our responsibility to support people and their daily lives .
That's why we incorporate this determination into Medium-term Management Plan and are taking on so many new menus.

Carefully selected from the viewpoints of “social value” and “investment efficiency”
Shaping Change
Shaping Change

Responsibility to support people and their daily lives

Responsibility to protect the global environment now and in the future

financial goals



business structure reforms investment

ROIC management practice

  • Increase capital efficiency in existing businesses and expand new businesses that contribute to carbon neutrality

  • Strengthen initiatives in 3 business domains

investments in human capital

Maximize employee growth and engagement

  • Place human resources strategy at the core of management strategy, set KPIs, and manage progress

  • Developing human resources to realize business structure reforms

Medium-term Management Plan

Medium-term Management Plan explanatory materials

table of contents

Vision for 2050 and Direction…P.3

Management goals and basic policy towards 2030…P.11

Medium-term Management Plan (FY2023-2025)…P.27

Reference materials…P.35

CFO/ Noriaki Sakai CNX Strategy Headquarters Manager/Masahiko Sawa President Advanced Materials Company / Hajime Nakamoto Managing Executive Officer (Sales Manager)/Kenichi Morishita