Leading a carbon-neutral and recycling-oriented society

3 business domains

"I think the oil industry and Idemitsu will face tough times."
Some people may have such an image.

We have the absolute knowledge, technology, and infrastructure that we have cultivated as a top runner in our mainstay Petroleum business.
We believe that 3 business domains should not be started from scratch, but instead should be "evolved'' by utilizing those "assets.''
Yes, we are actually one step ahead.

In the laboratory, it may be possible to easily create new energies and materials.
However, we have a mission to provide a stable supply of energy and "protect people's lives."
We need to continue supplying energy in large quantities, not in small quantities, and in a stable manner.

If Idemitsu doesn't do it, who will? Idemitsu has to do it.
We will make a carbon-neutral, recycling-oriented society a reality in 2050 with our own hands.

“Power of people” and “inherited infrastructure” that lead to realization

The future that can be changed because of Idemitsu

Human resources, infrastructure, technology, knowledge

For many years, Idemitsu has been involved in oil refining, petrochemical manufacturing, and the development of a variety of materials. The equipment we have built has been passed down with care, and in the process of business, people have been trained and a variety of knowledge has been accumulated.
3 business domains will strategically leverage and evolve these assets.

establishment of CNXcenter

CNX * Center

An example of strategically combining Idemitsu's assets is establishment of CNX Center concept. The concept is to transform our group refineries and complexes, which are our petroleum and petrochemical manufacturing bases, into a next-generation energy supply base without the large-scale construction of new facilities.
Unlike oil, which is in demand throughout the country, needs for next-generation energy and carbon-neutral solutions are expected to differ depending on the region. We assess the characteristics and needs of hydrogen, ammonia, chemical recycling, and other options, and proceed with initiatives at Refineries and Complexes more suitable for realizing these needs.

*Abbreviation for Carbon Neutral Transformation.

The future that can be changed because of Idemitsu

Energy one step ahead


Ammonia does not emit CO2 when burned, so it is attracting attention as a potential energy alternative to coal and heavy oil. Idemitsu has long handled ammonia in the oil refining process. Utilizing this knowledge, we aim to set up an ammonia import base at Tokuyama Complex (Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture) using existing infrastructure and supply ammonia to industrial complexes. In addition to participating in a clean ammonia production project in Lake Charles, USA, and considering importing it there. In Australia, we will leverage the business foundations we have cultivated in the coal business to participate in studies and surveys related to ammonia production and export, and plan procurement. We are steadily accumulating knowledge regarding supply chains. We are also working on the development of technology that does not reduce thermal efficiency even when ammonia is co-combusted with petroleum or heavy oil, and research and development that will significantly reduce CO2 emissions during ammonia production. The Haber-Bosch process, which is currently widely used to produce ammonia, requires a large amount of energy to generate ammonia by reacting hydrogen and nitrogen under high temperature and high pressure, resulting in high CO2 emissions and high costs. To resolve this issue, we aim to achieve a carbon-free ammonia manufacturing process. In collaboration with the University of Tokyo, we are working to establish a technology to manufacture ammonia under mild reaction conditions at ambient temperature and pressure, and to mass-produce it.

June 2021
Started of joint study on building an ammonia supply chain using existing facilities at Tokuyama Complex with IHI
January 2022
"Development of ammonia production technology at ambient temperature and pressure" adopted by NEDO Green Innovation Fund
August 2022
The “Basic Study on the Establishment of Ammonia Supply Center at the Shunan Industrial Complex” was adopted for a subsidy program for “measures to promote the introduction of non-fossil energy (Support Project for Establishment of Hydrogen and Fuel Ammonia Supply Center at Industrial Complex)” by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).
November 2022
Started of research for production and export of green ammonia at Abbott Point Port in Australia
April 2023
Agreement reached with Korea Electric Power Corporation to consider collaboration regarding ammonia procurement, marine transportation, and supply
February 2024
Agreed with Mitsubishi Corporation and Proman to participate in clean ammonia production project in Lake Charles, USA

Schedule for realization

Schedule for realization
Next Generation Battery Materials

Diverse resource Resources / Resources circulation solution

Next Generation Battery Materials

All-solid-state batteries are attracting attention as a leading next-generation battery. For battery vehicles (BEVs), it is expected to extend cruising range, shorten charging time, and improve safety, and is said to hold the key to the spread of BEVs. Our company is working on the material development and mass production technology development of "solid electrolytes", which is a material for "all-solid-state batteries". "Lithium sulfide", an intermediate raw material for solid electrolytes, is a component obtained as a by-product during the oil refining process, and for many years our company has been researching ways to use it effectively.

Established lithium sulfide manufacturing technology
Started research on solid electrolytes
Achieved the same level of ionic conductivity as electrolytes for the first time in the world as a sulfide-based solid electrolytes
November 2021
Small pilot facilities plant 1 begins operation
April 2022
"Development of mass production technology for sulfide-based solid electrolytes" adopted by NEDO Green Innovation Fund
June 2022
Started Joint development with Umicore S.A. of high-performance materials for all-solid-state batteries
June 2023
Decided to increase capacity of small pilot facilities plant 1, and announced start of operation of plant 2
October 2023
Started cooperation toward mass production of all-solid-state batteries for BEVs.

Schedule for realization

Schedule for realization
Recycling of Used Plastics

Diverse resource Resources / Resources circulation solution

Recycling of Used Plastics

Although there is growing interest in the problem of marine plastic litter and climate change, only 20% of used plastic resources in Japan are recycled. In order to break through this current situation, Idemitsu Kosan is working on "oil conversion technology, "which breaks down used plastic to a state similar to crude oil, and is one of the method called "chemical recycling. "We are working on developing technology that can convert plastics into oil even when multiple plastics are mixed together, which has been considered a bottleneck in recycling. The "generated oil" produced through oil conversion is recycled as a raw material for petrochemical petrochemicals and Petroleum equipment.

Started development of "oil conversion technology" for used plastics with Environment Energy Co., Ltd.
"Oil conversion technology" demonstration study begins
September 2022
Agreed to perform basic design of converting equipment for recycling of used plastics into Oil in the Chiba Complex area
Started to consider a business alliance with Terrarem Group and Maeda Industrial regarding the procurement of used plastics
April 2023
Established "Chemical Recycle Japan Co., Ltd." as a joint venture with Environment Energy
From 2023
Started demonstration experiments with various industry partners to recycle used plastics Learn more

Schedule for realization

Schedule for realization
Various types of SS

Smart Yorozuya

Various types of SS

~Evolving into a “lifestyle support hub ”~

The "Smart Yorozuya'' concept is not bound by the fixed concept of service station = refueling, but instead evolves into a support base for daily life that solves local issues. Based on this concept, six representative types have been created, including "environmentally friendly eco stations" and "EV charging/maintenance stations" that utilize domestic wood and serve as circular bases, such as by installing solar panels. I am presenting it. Furthermore, we are accelerating our digital strategy to provide even more convenient use. Through the official app "Drive On,'' you can now do everything from service reservations to payments in one stop. Since the challenges of daily life change depending on the region and the times, we will continue to evolve into Yorozu (infinitely and diversely) by accurately capturing needs. We will continue to be a hub of energy and mobility while being close to people's lives.

May 2021
Announcement of Smart Yorozuya concept
September 2021
Official app “Drive On” released
November 2022
Payment function “Mobile Drive Pay” installed in official app Drive On
November 2022
Opening of the first environmentally friendly eco station “TypeGreen”
September 2023
Opening of the first "apolloONE" store specializing in mobility services
December 2023
service station unified under the "apollostation" brand

Schedule for realization

Schedule for realization

Introducing other examples of various initiatives aimed at 2050