SIRE Inspection Request

For further information please contact:
Ship Vetting Service
Idemitsu Tanker Co., Ltd.
16F, Jinbocho Mitsui Building, 105, Kanda-Jimbocho
1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0051, Japan


Please click on [SIRE Inspection Request Form] button when you want to request the SIRE inspection
by Idemitsu Tanker Co.,Ltd.

*If you are unable to get the mailer up or/and the characters are garbled,
Please paste below information into the e-mail and fill out the application form and send it to us.


We would like to request the SIRE inspection for the following vessel ;

  1. Requesting Company Name :
  2. Vessel Name
  3. IMO Number:
  4. Date of Delivery :
  5. Port (Country) :
  6. Estimated Arrival Date :
  7. Length of Time at Berth :
  8. Cargo Operation (Loading or Discharging) :
  9. Type of cargo to be handled (Oil / Chem / LPG / LNG)) :
  10. Agents Name :
    Agents Office Telephone Number(s) :
    In charge of person Mobile :
    Agents E-mail Address :
  11. Invoice Transmission Details
    Please supply the following details for the processing of the Invoice.
    Company name (Messrs.) to be addressed in the invoice :
    Contact Name :
    Address One :
    Address Two :
    City :
    State/Province :
    Postal Code :
    Country :
    Telephone Number :
    E-mail Address to Receive Invoices :

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