Plant growing and wood pellet making tests began in Australia for coal and biomass co-firing power generation - Planting of sorghum for biomass power generation fuel by utilizing unused land at Ensham coal mine in Queensland -

Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director President and CEO: Shunichi Kito; hereinafter, "the company"), through Idemitsu Australia Resources Pty. Ltd. (Headquarters: Brisbane), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd., initiated plant growing and wood pellet making test operations utilizing the assets (unused land, utility facilities, etc.) available at the Ensham coal mine (location: Queensland, 85% ownership interest) for coal and biomass co-firing power generation.

Plant growing test at Ensham coal mine  Plant species

Plant growing test at Ensham coal mine Plant species "Sorghum"

Under this project, "Sorghum" is cultivated and will be used as a biomass power generation fuel. The plant is known to be suitable for growing in the area with low rainfall. We have been confirming steady growth of the crop, have completed the harvest as of this July, are currently conducting verification test for pelletizing the plant into wood pellets and are planning to begin torrefaction test (thermal process which converts wood pellet into black pellet) later this year.

The black pellets have better water resistance and grindability than conventional wood pellets and can be used in a similar way as coal, and therefore, CO2 emissions from coal-fired power generation is expected to be reduced.

This project has received a subsidy of 20 thousand Australian dollars from the Queensland State Government as it has the potential to become a large-scale commercial export base for biomass power generation fuel in addition to the coal export base.

The company will contribute to Japan's energy security and promote the renewable energy project by diversifying and building the best mix of energy sources in light of changes in the energy-related circumstance.

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