Environment-friendly and attractive product packs

Environment-friendly clear packaging. Our unique crystallization control technology and surface finishing technology ensure a high transparency equivalent to existing materials, while using environment-friendly PP material. Economical processing and cartoning is enabled by using dramatically improved processing suitable for slipping, printing, adhering and cartoning while maintaining the excellent hinge characteristics common to PP.

※This product cannot be used for primary packaging, e.g. foods, pharmaceutical products, quasi-drugs, cosmetics.
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Product Features

Non-oriented and highly transparent PP sheet

Much higher transparency and glossiness than existing PP
Excellent processing suitability

Suitable for slipping, printing, adhering and cartoning processes, which have previously been drawbacks of PP materials, are improved while maintaining processing and cartoning performance equivalent to that of existing materials.

Hinge characteristics unique to PP

Hinge characteristics of PP is said to be more than a hundred thousand times. Since the transparency of SUPERPURELAY is not created by rolling technology, there are no distortions or orientations and excellent hinge characteristics are maintained in all directions.

Heat resistance

Since heat resistance common to PP is maintained, SUPERPURELAY is suitable for shrink packaging after cartoning.

Printing suitability

SUPERPURELAY supports offset, silk, gravure and stamping printing.

Environmental friendliness

Since no chlorine is included in the molecular structure, no harmful gases are produced during combustion.

Recycle suitability

Since this is PP raw material whose relative density is lighter than other transparent materials, SUPERPURELAY produces less waste.



0.25 - 0.40 mm (0.05 mm scale)

Product size

Loaded number on a pallet

Thickness Loaded number
0.25 mm 2,500 sheets
0.30 mm 2,000 sheets
0.35 mm 1,750 sheets
0.40 mm 1,500 sheets

  1. 500 kg per pallet is assumed. (Order of 500 sheets or less will be separately charged.)
  2. 1- to 3-unit loading is also possible.

Application Examples

Application Examples1
Application Examples2
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