MULTILAY Wraps in Freshness

In response to the diversification of food culture, MULTILAY has expanded the application possibilities of food packaging in line with developments in metal and glass containers, by making the best use of lightness and crack resistance common to most plastics. The demand for PBP type, a representative MULTILAY variety, has been steadily increasing to meet today's more demanding requirements, such as keeping fresh food truly fresh, preserving food with low salt or sugar content, and food distribution at ambient temperature intended to reduce energy costs.

Product Features

Polyolefin-based non-barrier grade

Different colors can be used for the inner and outer layers. Antistatic agents and ultraviolet absorbing agents can be added only to the outer layer to modify the surface.

Polyolefin-based barrier grade

Exhibits excellent oxygen gas barrier properties and fragrance protection properties, in addition to lightness and crack resistance common to most plastics.

Polyolefin-based barrier grade

Application Examples

  • Controlled-atmosphere packaging
  • Oxygen-free packaging with oxygen absorber
  • Sterilized packaging
  • High-temperature filled packaging
  • Boil and retort sterilized packaging

Application Examples1
Application Examples2
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