May 16, 2022


New light-emitting method achieves world-class blue OLED performance - Selected as best paper at Display Week 2022 -


Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Shunichi Kito, hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has developed a new light emission method for OLED element using fluorescent blue materials, and has achieved the world's highest level of light emission. We have succeeded in increasing efficiency and longevity. Additionally, this result was selected as the best paper *1 at Display Week 2022, a symposium sponsored by the Society of Information Display, the world's largest academic society related to displays.

1. Summary of results

Among the light-emitting elements used in the red, green, and blue pixels that make up OLED displays, further improving the performance and extending the lifespan of blue light-emitting elements has been an issue. In this study, by stacking two blue materials, the regions where charge recombination *3 and TTF *4 occur during the light-emitting process of fluorescent elements *2 are separated, suppressing light emission loss, and we have succeeded in developing and commercializing a highly efficient (EQE *5 >14%) and long-life OLED element.
This technology simultaneously achieves improved luminous efficiency and longer life compared to conventional technologies, contributing to further power savings in OLED displays and reducing the environmental burden by improving product lifecycles.

[Performance overview]

  • Method: Blue fluorescent OLED element using stacked light-emitting layers

  • LT95 *6: 400 hours or more (as a result of driving conditions with a current density of 50mA/cm2)

  • EQE: 14% (result of driving condition of current density 10mA/cm2)

  • Chromaticity: (0.14, 0.08) (CIE1931 chromaticity coordinates)

2. Selected as the best paper for “Display Week 2022”

This result was selected as the best paper in the OLED technology category at Display Week 2022, held in San Jose, USA from May 9th.

JSR will continue to develop high-performance OLED materials to contribute to further improving the performance of OLED element and displays.

  • Award ceremony scene
  • Mr. Itoi

Award ceremony at “Display Week 2022”

  • Distinguished Paper “Realization of Ultra-High Efficient Fluorescent Blue OLED” (Satomi Tasaki, Kazuki Nishimura, Hiroaki Toyoshima, Tetsuya Masuda, Masato Nakamura, Yuki Nakano, Hiroaki Itoi, Emiko Kambe, Yuichiro Kawamura, Hitoshi Kuma) Journal of the Society for Information Display, Volume 30, Issue 5, pages:441-451 (2022)

  • Fluorescent element: One of the methods of OLED element. The organic matter inside the element becomes in a high-energy state (excitons) when electricity is applied, and the singlet excitons are used to emit light.

  • Charge recombination region: A region where holes and electrons injected from the anode and cathode meet, creating a high-energy state in organic matter. Since the charge density inevitably increases, exciton quenching (deactivation phenomenon) tends to occur.

  • TTF: Abbreviation for Triplet-Triplet Fusion. A process in which singlet excitons are generated by collisions between triplet excitons. Efficiency is improved by using triplet excitons, which are not used in fluorescent devices, for light emission.

  • EQE: External Quantum Efficiency. An index showing the percentage of electricity that enters an element that is emitted outside the element as light. The higher OLED element.

  • LT95: Continuous lighting time until initial brightness decreases by 5%

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