Disclosure policy

1.Standards for information disclosure

The company discloses information in accordance with the financial instruments and exchange act, the companies act, and the rules regarding the timely disclosure of corporate information of issuers of listed securities (hereinafter referred to as the "Timely disclosure rules") stipulated by the stock exchanges. In addition, even for information that does not fall under the timely disclosure rules, our basic stance is to strive for fair, timely, and impartial information disclosure in order to meet the requests of shareholders and investors.

2. Method of information disclosure

Information that falls under the timely disclosure rules is disclosed through the TDnet (Timely Disclosure Information Transmission System) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the rules, and the same information is then posted on this website as soon as possible. Masu. In addition, even for information that does not fall under the timely disclosure rules, we take care to ensure that the information is communicated to shareholders and investors in a fair, timely, and impartial manner, keeping in mind the purpose of timely disclosure.

3. Silent period

Our company establishes a "quiet period" immediately before the announcement of financial results, and refrains from commenting or answering questions regarding the financial results in order to prevent information that could affect stock prices from leaking during the preparation period for the financial results announcement. However, if during the "quiet period" it appears that the results are likely to significantly deviate from the previously announced forecasts, we will disclose information as appropriate.

4. Regarding future outlook

Among the plans, forecasts, management targets, etc. Published on this website, etc., those that are not historical facts are based on the company's judgment and assumptions based on currently available information. Please be aware that actual results may differ significantly from forecasts due to various factors. Factors that affect performance include, but are not limited to, economic conditions, crude oil prices, supply and demand trends and market conditions for petroleum products, exchange rates, etc.

5.About investment decisions

The information posted on this website is intended to deepen your understanding of our company, and is not intended to solicit investment. Please make investment decisions based on your own judgment.