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Idemitsu Music Events “Performing the future”

“Performing the future” is a series of music events which provide the new generation of musicians with performance opportunities and give the children with the bright future a chance to come into contact with music. At Idemitsu, we support “challenges”, “growth”, and “opportunities to demonstrate their abilities” for the next generations.

Idemitsu Music Events “Performing the future” (online concert program)

Aiming to support musical experiences for the next generation, Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. held “Performing the future an online concert” available between 29 January and 28 March 2022 on the theme of “Let's build connections through music”.

Idemitsu Music Events “Performing the future”

Blitz Philharmonic winds, a wind band of young musicians with Kenta Saito (saxophonist) acting as concertmaster, performed various pieces including Monti's “Csárdás”. Moreover, a “special collaboration corner” was built into the plan in order to enjoy the possibilities offered by an online concert. This offered the audience the musical scores and video lesson guides before the concerts were streamed. They practiced by themselves, and then had fun performing together with the professional musicians during the online concert. The piece which they played together was the American folk song “When the Saints Go Marching in”. They enjoyed playing along with the performance by Blitz Philharmonic winds while watching the video stream of the online concert at school or at home.

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