PVE Performance

In this section, we look at various values obtained in tests for PVE, showing its superior performance over other products.

PVE and POE comparison

As shown in the table below, PVE compares favorably over POE in various practical applications.

Lubricant Comparison

General PVE Specifications

The table below shows the general specifications of PVE.

General PVE Specifications

As the table shows, The PVE series scores well over a wide range of specifications.

CST Curve with HFC-410A

CST curves for PVE and POE in HFC-410A are shown in the table below along with the CST values recommended by manufacturers.

CST Curves with HFC-410A

In the table, acceptable air conditioning system CST values are shown. With a 10% oil circulation ratio, a CST in the high temperature region is over 50 degrees. This attribute prevents oil separation in the condenser. A CST in the low temperature region that is below -20 degrees can cause an inefficient return of refrigeration oil to the compressor and excessive foaming in the compressor when it is started.

Solubility of PVE in HFC-410A

The table below shows the solubility of PVE with HFC-410A. The plot on the left shows the relationship between vapor pressure and solubility at different temperatures. The upper immiscibility region is also shown. The plot on the right depicts the correlation of vapor pressure and temperature with solubility.

Solubility of PVE in HFC-410A

Solubility of HS-POE in HFC-410A

The chart below shows the solubility of HS-POE68 in HFC-410A over a range of temperatures. Also noted are the immiscible ranges, taking both vapor pressure and solubility into account.

Solubility of HS-POE with HFC-410A

The two immiscibility regions are indicated in the upper and lower areas of the plot. In the upper immiscibility region, oil separation takes place in the condenser. The lower immiscibility region is shown for conditions when the refrigeration oil is inefficiently returned to the compressor. It should be noted that the oil is subject to excessive foaming in the compressor when the system is turned on.

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