Functional Liquid Polymers  Poly bd™, Poly ip™, EPOL™

Isoparaffin Solvents

"Poly bd™ "is a hydroxyl terminated liquid Poly butadiene polymer.
Same as other polyols,
Poly bd™ has a highly reactive hydroxyl group. Poly bd™ (Poly butadiene type) is able to cure as Polyurethane elastomer with various isocyanates. By the difference in molecular weight, there are two grades of R-15HT and R-45HT in Poly bd™ .
We also have "Poly ip™ "(Poly isoprene type), and "EPOL™ "(Poly olefin type).
Either glade has high-hydrolysis resistant main chain.
That make you easy to design High-Hydrolysis resistant materials.

Poly bd™ : Hydroxyl Terminated Poly butadiene
Poly ip™ : Hydroxyl terminated liquid Poly isoprene
EPOL™ : Hydroxyl terminated liquid Poly olefin


Example of applications

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