TARFLON Polycarbonate

TARFLON (PC) is an amorphous engineering plastics. TARFLON was the first polycarbonate product to be manufactured on a commercialized production line that was based on our continuous solvent process developed in 1969. Since then, this outstanding technological development has been licensed around the world.

Thanks to its high impact resistance, good transparency, superb heat resistance, excellent dimensional precision, and electrical properties, Idemitsu Polycarbonate is highly evaluated in many fields. In addition to line-up of high quality natural grades, various grades (such as alloy, glass fiber reinforced, flame-retardant, optics and PC-PDMS copolymer etc.) are also available depending on the need of customers.

In order to respond to diversifying industrial needs, Idemitsu is active in R&D into new functions and applications through the development of new polymer designs as well as alloys, blends, and composites. Idemitsu continues its lead by supplying the most advanced new materials.

TARFLON Grade Line-up

TARFLON feature outline

STRENGTH Impact Resistance The highest impact strength among plastics
TRAFLON's impact strength is at the highest level among various engineering plastics, and it is widely used in bullet-proofvests and sporting goods.
TRANSPARENCY Transparency Brilliant gloss and transparency
TARFLON's optical permittivity is excellent, and it has a rich sense of transparency.
For these reasons, applications that leverage this transparency, such as liquid crystal displays and headlamps, are spreading.
HEAT Heat Resistance Usage is possible over broad temperature conditions
TARFLON's quality and shape are not degraded in standard outdoor environments, nor in microwave ovens and refrigerators.
PRECISION Dimensional Precision Excellent dimensional precision and dimensional stability
TARFLON is an amorphous plastic and it exhibits low mold shrinkage and excellent dimensional stability. On this account, it is widely employed in precision parts.
ELECTRONICS Electrical Properties Superior electrical properties suitable for insulation materials
TARFLON combines excellent electrical attributes such as electrical resistance, and it is the perfect material for mechanical parts in the electrical and electronics sector, such as in OA equipment.
FLAME Self-extinguishing Conforming to UL standards - excellent flame retardance
TARFLON is a self-extinguishing plastic and it conforms to UL standards.
It is widely used in areas where flame retardance is demanded, such as construction, OA equipment and the electrical & electronics sector.

TARFLON Grade Line-up

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