Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics provide performance superior to ordinary plastics under a wide range of conditions. By improving existing technologies and developing new, advanced materials, Idemitsu's petrochemical R&D division has further pushed the boundaries of engineering plastics to produce a new lineup of enhanced, high-end products. Behind our development are two types of high-performing resins: polycarbonate (PC), a resin with excellent toughness and transparency and syndiotactic polystyrene (SPS), a new, highly-functional material well-suited for a wide range of applications.

Idemitsu's R&D network combines core technologies with our years of practical experience and knowledge, allowing us to develop new products and materials, and write important patents protecting our innovative ideas. In this way, we secure the future growth of our business, enabling Idemitsu to meet the demands of emerging fields based on new technologies and highly valuable products.

TARFLON Polycarbonate

Performance Chemicals Idemitsu polycarbonate “TARFLON” is the resin that produced on commercial basis using original technology. In 1969, after 12 years of basic research into polycarbonate production technology, Idemitsu established the world’s first production system based on the continuous solvent process.

Exhibiting many outstanding characteristics, Idemitsu Polycarbonate has a chain-shaped molecular structure that is thick and flexible. It is known for its high impact resistance, good transparency and heat resistance, and superb precision and electrical properties.

TARFLON is now used in wide range of applications such as housewares, office equipment , mobile device , communication equipment ,display device such as LCD backlight parts, automotive ,lighting and many fields.
One of our TARFLON named LC1500 has been used widely in LCD backlight parts and automotive daylight running lamp (DRL). Also, new polycarbonate “TARFLON NEO” which improved characteristics such as impact resistance and/or the weatherability using the copolymerization technology attracts attention now in various fields.

XAREC Syndiotactic Polystyrene

XAREC Syndiotactic Polystyrene After years of extensive research and development, XAREC is the first syndiotactic polystyrene (SPS) produced by Idemitsu. XAREC boasts remarkable heat and chemical resistance, as well as superior dimensional stability, making it the preferred SPS in many fields. As a result, XAREC has been endorsed by the automobile industry for use in critical electrical parts and components. XAREC is often applied to lead-free reflow soldering to comply with current environmental regulations such as RoHS.

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