TARFLON Grade Line-up

Category Features Grade
General Purpose /
Weather Resistance Polycarbonate
Ultra high flow IR1700
High flow A1900, IR1900, IV1900R
Standard A2200, IR2200, IV2200R
Medium viscosity IR2500
PC-PDMS Copolymer "TARFLON NEO™" Translucent, Base AG1950, AG2030
Translucent, Weather resistant VG1950
Flame retardant ZG1950, PG1940
Transparency RC2031
Glass fiber reinforced GG1920
Polycarbonate for Optical
(LCD and LED lighting applications)
Light guiding LC1500 PURE, LC1508 PURE,
LC1501 PURE, LC1402 PURE,
LC1202 PURE, LC1700 PURE
Light diffusion R1700(W3204ENU), V1700R(W3026E), V1700R(W3032E), LZ2500V(S0086E), LZ2510V(W1070ED)
Light reflection, Light shielding URC2500, URC2501, URZ2500, URZ2501
Weather resistance, High transparency LEV1700KL, LEV2200KL
Polycarbonate for Optical
(Automotive lighting applications)
Light guiding LC1500, LC1700
Light diffusion R1700(W3204ENU), V1700R(W3026E), V1700R(W3032E)
Flame retardant PC grade Non-bromo, Non-phoshorus Transparent1.5V-0 AZ1900T
Transparent3.0V-0 RY1900, RY2200, IRY2200, VRY2200, IVY2200R
TransparentV-2 RE1900
Opaque AZ1900, AZ2201
Flame retardant free AC1030, AC1080
Non-bromo Phosphorus based flame retardant AK3020, DK3722
Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate Standard G1910, G1920, G1930
Non-bromo, Non-phosphorus flame retardantV-0 GZ2510, GZ2520, GZ2530, GZ2540
Non-bromo flame retardantV-0 GGK1740
Flame retardant PC alloy grade Non-bromo High flow SK2706, SK2708
High rigidity SK3730
PC alloy grade Platable SC-170, SC-253
Chemical resistance , High-strength SC-300, SC-420

In case of exporting the product, please pay attention to the laws and regulations of chemical substances and other substances in the exporting country.
For inquiries regarding the applicability of our products to individual laws and regulations, please consult our HP contact or sales staff.

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