Polycarbonate for Optical(LCD and LED lighting applications)

Polycarbonate for Optical(LCD and LED lighting applications)

Features Grade Application
Light guiding LC1500 PURE, LC1508 PURE, LC1501 PURE, LC1402 PURE, LC1202 PURE, LC1700 PURE LCD light guide panels
Light diffusion R1700(W3204ENU), V1700R(W3026E), V1700R(W3032E), LZ2500V(S0086E), LZ2510V(W1070ED) LED lamp cover
Light reflection, Light shielding URC2500, URC2501, URZ2500, URZ2501 LCD reflective sheets, LCD lamp holders, Guide light reflective sheets
Weather resistance, High transparency LEV1700KL, LEV2200KL LED lens

Various flame retardant grades have been prepared using non-bromo-based additives to reduce their environmental impact.

Light-guiding Grades1

The light-guiding grades of TARFLON provide exceptional transparency for personal computers as a result of Idemitsu's innovative compounding technology.
This development is perfect for LCD backlight guide panels requiring heat resistance and strength.

Light-guiding Grades2
High Reflection and Light-shielding Grades

Idemitsu added titanium dioxide to control the reflective properties using Idemitsu's own PC degradation prevention technology, giving of TARFLON grades a high degree of light reflectance and light blocking.

"TARFLON " is a registered trademark of Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.

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