Category Features Grade Application
PC-PDMS Copolymer "TARFLON NEO™" Translucent, Base AG1950, AG2030 Housing (mobile eguipment, home appliances, electric and electronic equipment), Battery pack, Trag for low-temperature storages, Outdoor equipment component
Translucent, Weather resistant VG1950
Flame retardant ZG1950, PG1940 Mobile equipment housing, Connectors, Switches, Outdoor equipment component, PV connector, Battery pack
Transparency RC2031 Housing (mobile eguipment, home appliances, electric and electronic equipment), Trag for low-temperature storages, Lighting cover
Glass fiber reinforced GG1920 Housing(mobile eguipment, electric and electronic equipment etc.)



PC-PDMS* Copolymer developed by Idemitsu, by using the state-of-the-art copolymerization technology.

PDMS: Polydimethylsiloxane


Due to its unique chemical structure, TARFLON NEO provides outstanding performance in its properties as follows:

  1. Excellent low-temperature impact ductility at -30 oC and below
  2. Superior balance of flowability and impact strength
  3. Good chemical resistance (Especially good resistant to alkali, compared with standard PC)
  4. Long-term stability in physical properties (Especially in weatherability)
  5. Good heat-resistance (Same as that of standard PC)

In case of exporting the product, please pay attention to the laws and regulations of chemical substances and other substances in the exporting country.
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