Application examples of organic EL materials

Advantages of organic EL displays

  1. High contrast, high color reproducibility, and fast response
    Since the element device itself emits light, it can express deep black and various colors in nature. In addition, the response time is short, and it enables smooth moving image display.
  2. Achievement of thinner body and lighter weight
    Whereas LCDs require a backlight, organic EL is characterized by the ability to turn on and off the emission of individual pixels. By eliminating the need for a backlight, the display can be made thinner and lighter.
  3. Power saving
    The power consumption is lower than that of the LCD, which is always backlit. Organic EL turns off the light emission of the part that represents black.

In addition, organic EL displays emit less blue light, which is said to adversely affect the eyes, than LCD displays.

Organic EL display

Products using organic EL materials

Organic EL displays have many advantages and are increasingly being used in smartphones and televisions.
In addition, flexible displays and transparent displays can be realized for a wide variety of applications. Smartphones and PCs equipped with foldable displays that take advantage of these characteristics have also been released in recent years, and it is expected that the market will continue to grow.

Image courtesy of LG Electronics Japan Inc.

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