Functional Animal Feeds

Feed additive containing Bacillus subtilis DB9011

Molucca series

Improvement of Productivity and management of intestinal microbial flora.

Feed ingredient containing Cashew Nut Shell Extract (CNSE)


CNSE Product
・Feed products containing Cashew Nut Shell Extract (CNSE) by convenient forms for mixing at feed manufacturing site and on-farm supplementation.
・Eco-friendly natural product for safety and healthy livestock production.
・Maintenance of rumen and intestinal environment of livestock animal

・Material derived by the mechanical cold-press extraction of Cashew nut Shell.
・Mainly includes anacardic acid, cardanol and cardol.
・Anacardic acid is reported to have an inhibitory influence to some gram positive bacteria and methanogen.
・CNSE is generally regarded as a type of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL)

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