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FY2019 (Ending March 2020)

June 12,2019
Idemitsu to Open New Lubricant Production Plant in Huizhou, China
June 5,2019
Biomass Power Generation at Tokuyama Complex to Be Commercialized Large-scale power plant with a power output of 50,000 kW
May 27,2019
Completion of construction of 49.5MW Solar Power Plant in Vietnam
May 17,2019
Announcement on Cash Payment for Fractional Shares Resulting from the Share Exchange (PDF:205 KB)pdf
May 15,2019
Announcement on the Partial Revision of the Performance-linked Stock Compensation Plan and Additional Contribution to the Trust (PDF:249 KB)pdf
May 15,2019
Announcement of the Appointment of a Candidate for the Position of New Outside Director and Changes in Representative Directors, Directors and Substitute Outside Statutory Auditors (PDF:224 KB)pdf
May 15,2019
Announcement Regarding Company Split (Simplified Absorption-type Company Split) (PDF:272 KB)pdf
May 15,2019
Announcement on Differences between the Consolidated Financial Results and Forecasts for the Fiscal 2018 (PDF:213 KB)pdf
May 15,2019
Consolidated Financial Results for the Fiscal Year 2018 (PDF:1,063 KB)pdf
May 15,2019
Presentation on Results for FY 2018 (PDF:3,022 KB)pdf
April 23,2019
Establishment of a Subsidiary (Investment Corporation) in China (PDF:344 KB)pdf
April 1,2019
Announcement Regarding Change in Major Shareholder (PDF:228 KB)pdf
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