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On April 1 of this year, we took the first step toward the next 100 years.
The managerial environment of the Japanese petroleum industry has been getting tougher, with the declining demand of petroleum products over the medium to long-term, along with worsening climate change.
In such circumstances, Idemitsu Kosan and Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. completed the business integration with the ambition of creating one of the most competitive leading companies by uniting our respective strengths and management resources. Embracing the vision “We are an energy co-creation company that values diversity and inclusiveness, creates new values with customers and stakeholders, and seeks harmony with the environment and society,” our company will continuously operate and expand the following five business segments both domestic and abroad: Petroleum Products, Basic Chemicals, Functional Materials, Electricity & Renewable Energy, and Resources.
Moreover, we will proactively promote the optimization of our business portfolio as well as our engagement in environmental and social issues in order to evolve into a resilient business entity.

Needless to say, there is no change in our social mission as an energy company, which is to support Japan’s energy security and protect the lifeline of the people in Japan.
In recent years, we have witnessed a number of natural disasters, including earthquakes, torrential rains and extraordinarily heavy snowfall. These experiences have caused us to once again realize the weight of our responsibility. At the same time, we have become keenly aware of the importance of a strong supply chain that we have built together with the service stations of our specified agents/sales outlets and local subcontractors, including logistics companies. Without it, ensuring a stable supply of energy would be impossible. In order to continue to fulfill our heavy responsibility, we should never undermine supply hubs, or, in other words, service stations and other elements of our supply chain as a social infrastructure. We will strive to maintain and reinforce our supply chain as one of our key business challenges.

Our efforts toward the next 100 years have yet to be known, and each and every effort will be a new challenge. We will believe the potential of human being that embraces various values, and work together with both our customers and other stakeholders, to create new values and dynamism.

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