Introduction of Low-Benzene Gasoline

In June 1992, the Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, adopting a policy of sustainable development. In response, each member of Japan's oil industry developed its own action plan for environmental protection.
As the movement toward environmental protection gained steam, in December 1993 Idemitsu began sale of Idemitsu Super Zearth (high-octane) and Idemitsu Zearth (regular) gasoline, with benzene content reduced to no more than one percent.

The Zearth brand name combines the words "zenith" and "earth".

The Zearth brand name combines the words "zenith" and "earth.

At the time, benzene in the atmosphere had been identified as cancerous by a variety of organizations but the substance was not yet regulated in Japan. Beginning in April 1996, benzene content was restricted to no more than 5%-a level ratified in light of the quality level of gasoline on sale at the time. At that point, Idemitsu's products earned Eco Mark certification as earth-friendly gasoline.

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