Our Technology

Exploration and Production Technology

Idemitsu has skilled geologists, geophysicists and engineers promoting our exploration and production activities. We seek to further improve our efficiency through the development and application of new technology as well as through the extensive training of our personnel. By focusing our efforts and resources on the following areas, and actively applying the emerging technology, we maintain an efficient and skilled geoscientists team.

Focus Areas

Integration of our core technology and experience to create innovative exploration concepts.

In Full Gear

  • Equipped with the most up-to-date computer systems for seismic analysis, geochemical basin modeling, geological analysis/modeling, and flow simulation.
  • Extensive training program for geologists and engineers to develop and maintain the technical evaluation capability.
  • Integrated use of geological and geochemical modeling systems for competent geological evaluation.
  • Utilization of developmental cost analysis systems and cooperation with engineering firms for the accurate and fast cost estimation.
  • Integrated and automated proprietary risk and economical analysis systems for the fast and competent asset valuation.
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